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Leslie Wang

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Leslie Wang is an experienced and talented real estate professional. She uses her extensive background and unique skill set to achieve success in meeting clients goals in their search for great Manhattan residences. Leslie states with unbridled enthusiasm, that working with her many clients is “an opportunity of a life time.” As a former resident of Taiwan she has learned the art of bridging the East and West mindsets to achieve a seamless experience in the buying or selling of Manhattan co-ops and condominiums. She is fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin and can conduct conversations in Cantonese and the Wenzhou dialect.

Leslie is extremely familiar with Manhattan, having resided in Midtown and the Upper East Side for 20 years. During this time, she developed a significant appreciation and understanding of each neighborhood’s nuances and charms. Leslie has had extensive success in both her academic and professional pursuits. For 17 years Leslie owned and operated a successful wholesale computer business. Afterwards, she was in charge of establishing and operating a Global Finance Masters program for the School of Social Research at the prestigious New School University. During this time she also challenged herself as a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the City of New York Graduate School. Now Leslie has decided to focus more energy towards her main passion, real estate. With her intensive business and academic experience, versatile background plus her economics knowledge, she is able to use her talents to quickly comprehend dynamic trends in the real estate market for the benefit of her customers.


Leslie Wang’s Sales and Rental History:

  • 92 Horatio Street (COOP/leased)
  • 447 West 22nd Street(Rental/leased)
  • 504 West 110th Street(Condo/leased)
  • 510 West 110th Street (Condo /leased)
  • 40 CPS, 2D/14G/14E/6I/15C (Rental/leased)
  • 41 West 58th Street, 5E, 3B, 10B, 10D, 10C (Rental/leased)
  • 60 West 57th Street, 11N, 6N  (Rental/leased)
  • 44 West 55th Street (Condo/leased)
  • 160 CPS (Condo/leased)
  • 58 West 58th Street, 19F (Condo/sales)
  • 106 CPS, 7F (Condo/sales)
  • 146 East 49th Street, 6A (COOP/sales)
  • 42-37 27th Street, 2A, Long Island City, New York (Condo/sales)
  • 401 Sixth Avenue (Commercial/leased)
  • 145 East 48th Street, 25B (Condo/sales)
  • 100 CPS, 9E (Condo/sales)
  • 120 Riverside Boulevard, PH1E (Condo/sales)
  • 15 Wes 72nd Street, 14A (COOP/sales)
  • 150 West 56th Street, 2804 (Condo/sales)
  • 345 East 77th Street, 6I (COOP/sales)
  • 146 West 57th Street, 44D (Condo/sales)



146 East 49th Street

Middle East Side

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58 West 58th Street

Middle West Side

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